The thing with sugar daddy relationships, mutual arrangements, and NSA connections is that they represent the best parts of relationships, the good stuff, the sweet stuff.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s a way of life, people gravitate toward it because — well who wouldn’t want all of the good parts of a relationship and none of the bad? (Are you scratching your head to ponder that?)

I compiled a list of reasons why sugar daddies choose a mutually beneficial relationship and why you should too! Here are great reasons to be a Sugar Daddy:

  1. Bitches just ain’t worth the time anymore
  2. Your last girlfriend/wife left you for someone more successful than you
  3. You despise or are allergic to commitment
  4. You will rule the world
  5. Everyone around you will be envious and jealous
  6. Other men will wonder what your secret is– don’t tell them
  7. Think about it, man cave, 24/7/365
  8. Gorgeous women will tell you you’re hot, even if you’re not
  9. R-e-s-p-e-c-t, you’re doing what all men dream of doing
  10. Other men look up to you
  11. More women will want to date you
  12. Hotter women will want to date you
  13. Sugar babies do what their told, well, most of the time
  14. You can finally feel like you’re Chris Kirubi
  15. Sugar babies will try hard to look good for you at all times
  16. Sugar babies will go home when you want them to
  17. You don’t have to be rich- just generous with what you have
  18. No more arguments about how fat she looks, your wandering eyes, or who the other woman is
  19. A greater possibility of being in a threesome– if you’re into that sort of thing
  20. Amazing sex with uninhibited sugar babies– and more of it!

Note: Sugar daddies beware, there are some sugar babies under the impression that they can be your no-sex platonic friend and you will buy them things.

What, their personalities and company are that amazing?!? Yeah right, maybe if you’re a 10!

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