How to be a Sugar Daddy
How to be a Sugar Daddy

When you hear the term “Sugar Daddy”, most people imagine a Hugh Hefner type, with a captain’s hat and a plastic grin, with a leathery hand artfully placed on two young blondes. Modern Daddies don’t exactly fit this stereotype. Relatively “normal” guys are turning to mutually beneficial relationships.

Becoming a Sugar Daddy doesn’t require a Rolls-Royce or a weird daughter complex, and if you don’t like the term then just consider yourself a generous boyfriend or wealthy benefactor. For those of you who are new to this, here are some tips for best Sugaring practices, and how to make SA work for you.

Honesty is the best policy.

Be upfront from the beginning to let potential Babies know exactly what you want. Are you looking for someone to have 2 dates a week with, or for a travel partner? Note: Use your profile as a platform to state your terms and save time, instead of messaging back and forth with Sugar Babies who are looking for a different type of arrangement. Allowances aren’t for everyone, so state what you want to provide before they ask. Be clear about what you can give. You are both on the site for a reason, so only agree to things that are realistic for you.

Stay active.

While this does apply to your physical attributes, I’m talking about on the site. When you log in more frequently, you become featured on Sugar Baby homepages in your area. Also, make it a point to view profiles and favorite users. This works as a great icebreaker and shows you’re interested. Don’t be afraid to send messages. Having a public photo will dramatically increase your responses, even if it’s blurry or you’re unrecognizable. The most successful pictures are in focus, and show your face, but those can be made private.

Keep it classy.

Some people have a misconception that Sugar Daddies are just looking for sex. If you are a man who is only looking for sex, the campus divas is not the site for you. Sugar Babies are not escorts, and they want more than a pay-for-play exchange. Be prepared to give it to them. Bringing a girl to your hotel room is not a date, so make an offer for drinks or dinner to break the ice.

Give respect, get respect.

This tip doesn’t apply to all men, since some are very respectful towards women. A Sugar Baby deserves the same courtesy as any other women, meaning being chivalrous when it’s called for. Treating someone poorly because you think the money entitles you to that is completely inaccurate, and mostly just rude.

It’s all about the money.

Let’s be real. Sugar Babies seek more from a relationship than most guys can provide. Be up front with how you feel about the financial aspect of an arrangement. Feeling like you’re paying for someone’s time is a common drawback for Daddies. What they fail to realize is that money doesn’t discount the bond two people share, it makes it stronger. Willingness to talk about money and provide something extra for a Sugar Baby is essential to making things work.

Relangemanships are possible.

Searching for a traditional girlfriend on the site might be a struggle. Not because the women aren’t girlfriend material, but because they aren’t looking for traditional relationships. There are two main forms of arrangements: the allowance kind where things are less serious, and the spoiled girlfriend type.

Taking your arrangement to a more serious level is entirely possible, but it needs to be a natural progression. Court her to show what an exclusive relationship would be like until you can decide whether this is someone you can see a future with.

Breaking into the Sugar Bowl is fun and exciting for a new Daddy, and adhering to best practices will make the experience great. Remember to stay selective. Treat this like any other dating, and she’ll treat you like a king.

What are your tips for being a great Daddy?

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