sponsors and sex

A once respectful title given to large organizations that would give financial assistance to smaller, promising enterprises has been tarnished by the recent craze of calling older, rich, promiscuous men who love to lure younger women. The title: SPONSOR

Why are men gladly taking up this title and why are women not ashamed to admit that they are enjoying this current trend? MONEY: God made man, man made money, money made man mad. Young ladies especially in university are pressuring each other to give in to this madness. It usually starts with a once simple lady from the village who comes to the city to be educated but along the way, she meets an old rich man who promises to give her all the material possessions she desires. Her equally struggling friend realizes that she too can acquire material wealth if she finds an old rich man willing to give her what she wants. The two then use their social media to brag about all they have acquired and are not ashamed to say how they acquired it, encouraging other young girls to follow the same trend. Then to make it worse we have the likes of the singer Akothee going ahead and asking ladies what they call their “benefactor”. I have admired Akothee’s strength and resilience for a long time but after that song was released, I am no longer a fan.

The older perverted men on the other hand have discovered an easy way to get the ‘young, innocent p*ssy (for lack of a better word) that they have been desiring. They know all they need to do is spend money, & they completely disregard the impact on their wives and children. After all, who cares if you have an affair with your daughter’s age mate? Who cares about the humiliation your family will go through, the example that you set for your children, the diseases you will spread, or the reduced time, attention, and love shown to your family? All that doesn’t matter to these mannerless babas because their daily 1.5 minutes (I doubt any of these bastards can go longer than this) of pleasure is what matters most to them.

So now we have men with mistresses and neither are ashamed of it. There is a detrimental effect on our society already witnessed by increased family killings. The likes of Joseph Kori and his mistress Wangui Mungai are the main suspects behind the murder of Kori’s wife. If we continue this ‘sponsor’ trend, we will have the number of “deaths by mistress” competing with “death by road accidents” in this country. I wish I could give a concrete solution for this, but all I can say is we need to make it clear to our loved ones what’s most important in life. Fancy cars, holidays, and houses are nice, but they have never and will never make anyone achieve self-actualization. If you are having issues with your wife, discuss it with her honestly and find a way to solve the issue instead of running away from the issue and blaming her for the failing marriage (the same goes for women having issues with their husbands). The issue here is sex since that’s the only reason people have affairs. Communicate! Say what the issue is, discuss solutions, find a way to go about it…Sex is a two-way street, if it is not working, both are to blame in one way or another. Don’t go blaming the other person, there is something that YOU can do to make things better, & it’s not cheating.

“Money had never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.” Benjamin Franklin

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